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Book Holiday Homes/Accommodations in Alibag

Alibag has a fascinating tale surrounding the inception of its name. The story revolves around a native Jew named Ali, who lived there and cultivated mangoes and coconuts in his garden. Hence, the locals began calling the place ‘Alichi Bagh’, which means the ‘garden of Ali’ in Marathi. With time, Alichi Bagh was shortened to Alibag and has since stuck to the town.

A beautiful coastal town in the state of Maharashtra, Alibag is located 96 kilometres away from Mumbai. Situated at a convenient distance from the hustle-bustle of the metropolis, it is a favourite amongst Mumbaikers as it makes for an ideal weekend getaway.

So, if you are planning a trip to the serene and calm town of Alibag, we give you a list of accommodations for a better holiday experience.

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Booking Vacation Rentals & Holiday Homes in Alibag

The town is dotted with villas, cottages, homestays, boutique stays, farmhouses, guest houses, and bungalows, and has something for all budgets and preferences.

Guest Houses

Guest Houses in Alibag are modestly furnished but do not compromise on the comfort quotient. Some of the accommodations are situated in close proximity to the beaches, hence giving you a splendid view of the magnificent Arabian Sea. You can find guest houses in areas such as Divi Parangi, Poynad Pandwadevi Road, Kihim, Limaye Wadi, Nagaon, Varsoli, Akshi, Chendhre, and Taluka. You can book a room for anywhere between INR 920 to INR 2,000, approximately.


Cottages are perfect for rest and relaxation. Located in lush green environs, cottages are a refreshing retreat for travellers as compared to boxy hotels. These accommodations are ideal if you are travelling in groups. Cottages in Alibag are located in areas such as Sasawane, Divi Parangi, Tivarekar Wadi, Nagaon, Chondhi, Dhokawade, Akshi, Chaul, Awas, Kurul, Varsoli, Mandwa, KihimBeach Road, Alibag-Mandwa Road, and Kihim. These can be booked for a starting price of about INR 920 for a one-bedroom property and go up to approximately INR 30,881 approximately for an eight-bedroom accommodation.


Homestays are ideal for a home away from home experience and are the most authentic way to get to the heart of a city or town. They are the best alternative accommodations to hotels, as you even get to witness and get acquainted with the local lifestyle of the indigenous population. Homestays in Alibag are situated in areas such as Kihim, Akshi, Chondhi, Dhawar, Nagaon, Varsoli, Chikani, and Sahan. The prices start at around INR 920 for a one-bedroom home and can go up to about INR 27,943 for a ten-bedroom property that can accommodate up to twenty people.

Boutique Stays

Alibag houses some extremely elegant boutique stays. So, if you wish to add a bit of glamour to your trip to Alibag, book a boutique stay. Boutique stays in the town can be found in areas such as Yesade, Nagaon, Limaye Wadi, Kihim, Awas, Mapgaon, Varsoli, Thal, Taluka, and Mandwa. Prices start at about INR 2,070 for a room and go up to approximately INR 34,500 for an eight-bedroom accommodation.


Bungalows are spacious accommodations and ideal for people travelling in large groups or with families. Alibag has an exquisite range of bungalows for you to choose from. These can be found in localities such as Awas, Kihim, Yesade, Nagaon, Limaye Wadi, Mapgaon, Varsoli, Thal, Gunjis, and Taluka. The prices for these rentals range from approximately INR 1,725 to INR 37,000, and you can get a room or an entire seven-bedroom bungalow to yourself!