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Book Service Apartments in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu, has beautiful temples, beaches, and numerous monuments from the French and Dutch colonial times. Chennai is also the starting point for some of the most exciting excursions for travellers and explorers such as Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Pulicat, and Thanjavur. The fourth largest city in India, Chennai harbours a large working population, given the city’s dominance in IT and the automobile industry. Inevitably, Chennai witnesses a heavy footfall of tourists and casual visitors. When it comes to boarding, service apartments meet the expectations of both travellers and casual visitors.

Generally, service apartments do not catch a traveller’s fancy when making lodging plans, but these Chennai vacation rentals might change your mind. If you are travelling to Chennai you can rent these accommodations for as short as a day to as long as a week. These apartments include 1BHKs, 2BHKs, and 3BHKs. Some of these holiday homes can accommodate as many as 20 guests at a time. This makes service apartments a great choice of accommodation for travellers in Chennai.

Reasons to Book Service Apartments in Chennai

Whether you are taking a solo trip, or travelling with a group of friends and/or family to Chennai, you can rent a service apartment to enjoy your holidays here.

A Home Away from Home

Unlike hotel rooms, service apartments provide you luxury as well as homely comfort. While you are exploring Chennai, you can always look forward to returning to a cosy and homely environment. As most of these accommodations have chefs, you can always request for authentic local delicacies to be made for you. Additionally, you get Wi-Fi, cable TV, and laundry services to make you feel completely at home. If you are looking to make your holidays more exciting, you can also opt for accommodations with BBQ services.

Explore Tamilian Culture

Tamilian culture is elaborate. If you like to discover and explore different cultures, Tamilians would not fail you. From food to attire to lifestyle, everything is going to keep you captivated while you are in Chennai.

Tamil Local Food

Tamil food offers a lot more than the quintessential South Indian food-- Idlis and dosas. The food in Chennai is marked by an extensive use of spices such as turmeric, curry leaves, mustard and asafoetida. Coconut is another important ingredient in Tamil food.

While you are among Tamilians, during your stay in Chennai, you can expect yourself to be treated to the popular Ilai Sappadu, a full course meal served on a banana leaf. For foodies, the streets of Chennai have versions of dosas such as masala dosa, neer dosa and Muttai Dosa.  Other street foods in Chennai include Murukku, Idiyappam, Atho, Parotta and vada.  

You can also look forward to enjoying sambar, rasam, kootu, and upma which are staple foods of the region. If you have a sweet-tooth you would enjoy payasam, sweet pongal, and kesari, which make the popular desserts from the region.

Tamil Attire

While you are in Chennai, don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by swaths of white. Most men here, or in other parts of Tamil Nadu wear white coloured lungis (or Dhotis) with a shirt (at formal occasions) and Angvastra, while women prefer exquisite silk sarees. So, don’t forget to try these attires while you are here! You can borrow these from the generous hosts at your service apartment, or your friendly neighbours.

Kolams or Rangoli are another remarkable thing, which are going to impress you when in Chennai. Kolams are beautifully drawn coloured geometrical patterns on a floor. Almost every house in Chennai has one drawn perpetually. Kolams are especially made during festivals such as Pongal. If you find yourself drawn towards these coloured patterns, don’t forget to learn to draw or try making one yourself at your rental residence.

So, when you are travelling to Chennai, make sure that you book your accommodation to experience the Tamilian culture in its modern form and to enjoy your stay in Chennai.