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Book Bed & Breakfasts in Kodaikanal

A popular trekking destination on every adventure enthusiast’s list, Kodaikanal promises some thrilling experiences. Located amidst the majestic Western Ghats, this verdant town offers immense sightseeing opportunities for tourists. A few places of interest here are Kodai Lake, Coaker’s Walk, and Berijam Lake. The town serves as a summer retreat for people looking to evade the scorching heat of the plains, and a winter abode for people looking to escape the biting cold of the north. Kodaikanal is also a popular honeymoon destination and offers exquisite accommodations including bed &breakfasts for you to spend a leisurely holiday.

Benefits of Booking Bed & Breakfasts in Kodaikanal

This is how bed & breakfast accommodations make one’s stay joyful and rather enjoyable.

Modern amenities

Equipped with amenities such as cable TV, air-conditioner, and Wi-fi, Kodaikanal has numerous bed & breakfast properties that promise a comfortable stay. Moreover, guests can also opt for lodgings with additional amenities like gardens.

Complimentary breakfast

Numerous vacation rentals also offer complimentary breakfasts to guests. If you want to avoid the trouble of finding a place to eat first thing in the morning, these properties are your best bet in this popular hill station of Tamil Nadu.

Opulent interiors

The hill station also has an extensive range of luxurious B&Bs that feature opulent furnishings such as sequin curtains, high-quality linen, and maple wood-panelled walls. If you are looking for a honeymoon suite, these holiday homes are just perfect!

Where to find Bed & Breakfasts in Kodaikanal?

Laws Ghat Road, Fairy Fall Road, and Ennar Enclave are amongst the most prominent areas where one can rent a bed & breakfast accommodation. One such B&B rental can be booked for as low as INR 1300 per night and go up to INR 11200 per night.