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Book Boutique Stays in Agra

Frequented by tourists who flock to the city to admire and be awed by Taj Mahal, Agra offers a wide variety of accommodations for tourists to enjoy their stay. Boutique stays, among other accommodations, available in the city offer an exquisite living experience. Equipped with designer furnishings and modern décor along with amenities like Wi-fi, boutique stay properties in Agra are one of the most elegant accommodations. Taj Ganj, Shamsabad, Bansal Nagar, Paktola, Vidya Nagar, Jeoni Mandi, and Nehru Nagar are some of the areas where one can rent a boutique home.

Booking a Boutique Stay Accommodation in Agra

Agra is replete with boutique stay properties. Furnished with ultra-luxurious furniture and featuring modish interiors, these abodes match one’s expectation of an imperial stay. In addition, most holiday homes also offer top-notch hospitality that ensures a delightful and memorable stay to the guests. Well-appointed with cable TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves, these luxury vacation rentals promises extremely relaxed and comfortable living.

The city houses numerous places of attraction including Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, and shopping hubs like Sadar Bazaar. A large number of boutique rentals in this city extend travel assistance service, which enhances convenience. Further, you can also avail car rental services at most of these lodgings or request for a driver to take you around the city. Ample parking space available at most properties here add to the comfort.

Since most boutique stay lodgings can accommodate as many as twenty guests at a time, these are the perfect abodes for large travel groups. Here, you can enjoy the company of your travel companions and save yourself the trouble of having to book an accommodation in Agra individually.

This city of Uttar Pradesh has a distinctive culture and boasts a rich food tradition, evident from its popular sweet known as petha and its many delicious varieties such as angoori petha and chocolate petha. The availability of numerous boutique homes in the residential localities, such as near Agra Cantt and in Shaheed Nagar, make these properties ideal accommodations for travellers looking to explore the local culture and get a glimpse into the life and ways of the locals.

A gamut of boutique stay accommodations also has exclusively appointed chefs at your service. So, you can request a meal to be cooked as per your choice. One can rent a holiday home in Agra at a price beginning at about INR 2,200 and going up to approximately INR 5,300 per night.