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Book Boutique Stays in Kochi

If the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’—Kochi is on your travel list then be prepared to get engrossed in a culture that which  is an amalgamation of various ethnicities and divine experiences. The coastal city is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals and temples with an expansive cultural heritage which dates back to the fifteenth century. Kochi is the site where Portuguese, British, Dutch, and Chinese cultures blend to deliver an unprecedented experience.  So, if the former spice trade centre is where you are headed then opting for a boutique stay is the way to go.

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Why Book Boutique Hotel Stays in Kochi?

Boutique stays give you the flexibility of staying at a comfortable venue with a unique setting and enjoying the authentic cultural experience. You can either book a private single bedroom accommodation or opt to rent the entire place, depending upon your plans and budget. The price range begins from 2500 INR and goes up to approximately 50,000 INR. That is not all; you can experience Kochi without feeling like an outsider because of the homely comfort these accommodations offer.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to opt for a boutique stay experience in Kochi.

Comfort: Boutique accommodations have the unique capability of making you feel comfortable through the various options on offer. They are not as commercial as traditional hotels and you have the liberty of either renting a single bedroom, if travelling with your spouse, or booking the entire property if you are travelling with your family. You can relax, unwind, and experience Kochi at your own leisurely pace.

Services: Most boutique stays offer multiple services such as cable television, a personal driver, chef, caretaker, and even a doctor on call! You can be sure that all your needs will be catered to. Feel like exploring Kochi by car? It’s just a call away with car rental services that these accommodation properties provide!

Swimming pools: A majority of these boutique properties have shared pools, though some offer exclusive private pools as well. So you can sit back and soak in that coastal Kochi vibe while relaxing at your accommodation. The amazing bit is that you can do it anytime you want!

Feel at home: The warm hospitality extended to you at these boutique hotels makes you feel at home even while treading the terrains of the town. You also have the luxury of customising your stay according to your needs.

Infrastructure: Many boutique accommodations here in Kochi are renovated Dutch buildings that let you experience the past through their architecture. Traditional Kerala architecture is also something which will enhance your overall Kochi experience.

Location: The best part about staying at Kochi boutique stays is that they are located in different parts of Kochi. You can book a boutique staynear Fort Cochin, Pattalam Road, Kakkanad, Tower Road, North Paravoor, Fort Nagar, Kurichilakodu, Cherai, Sri Krishna Temple, and K. L. Bernard Road among others.

What to see in Kochi?

While in Kochi, earmark these locations on your ‘places to see’ booklet:

Santa Cruz Basilica: One of the grandest and most beautifully structured cathedrals in Kerala, Santa Cruz Basilica’s marvellous gothic architecture is a sight to behold. With a boutique stay near Fort Cochin you can easily access this edifice and the serenity it exudes.

Paradesi Synagogue: Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi is one of the oldest synagogues of the Cochin Jewish community. Vacation rentals located on Pattalam Road and Tower Road allow a convenient access to this historical landmark.

Mattancherry Palace: Popularly known as the Dutch Palace, the place houses some exquisite murals in the style of temple art forms.

Cherai Beach: If you want the perfect beach experience then Cherai Beach is the place to be. Book a boutique stay near Cherai area and take your family or your significant other for long beach strolls, anytime of the day!

Bhoothathankettu Dam and Reserve Forest: If you want to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family in a beautiful natural setting, then Bhoothathankettu Dam and Reserve Forest is the perfect picnic spot for you. With a boutique accommodation in Vyttila you can easily access the place and marvel at the grandeur of the structure.