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Book Homestays in Jaisalmer

Undulating sand dunes, golden sandstone houses, formidable forts, and thrilling desert safaris describe Jaisalmer best. Desert camping and folk song and dance performances lend a distinctive identity to Jaisalmer and attract travellers from all over the world. This city flaunts a vibrant culture with its colourful traditional attire, joyous festivals, and delicious food.

Homestays in Jaisalmer offer an exciting way to experience the unique culture by staying with the locals. Homestays properties are available in areas like Bera Road in Amar Sagar Pol. These rentals offer a homely environment with fully furnished bedrooms equipped with modern amenities.

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Benefits of Booking Homestays for Accommodation in Jaisalmer

Here are a few other things that make homestay accommodations a good choice in Jaisalmer.

Accommodate large groups

Most Homestay settlements are large properties with multiple bedrooms and are ideal for large travel groups. These can accommodate as many as twenty-seven guests at a time.

Beautiful medieval architecture

Many homestays properties are large imposing havelis with beautiful architecture reminiscent of the Rajput era. Intricate motifs and other ornate patterns adorn the arches, pillars, and windows of these homestays. Living in a homestay can be a truly royal experience.

Experience the local culture & traditions

Since most accommodations offer an opportunity to share the living space with the hosts, you get to witness Rajasthani rituals, customs, and traditions up close and personal. Homestays lodgings are one of the best accommodations for travellers looking to explore the native culture. Festivals like Holi and other celebrations are mighty big affairs here. So if you are in Jaisalmer during the month of March, you have the pleasure of being a part of the festivity.

Authentic Rajasthani food

Most homestay rentals have exclusively appointed chefs who provide meals on request. This gives you the luxury to relish local delicacies, so don’t forget to treat yourself to delectable daal batti churma, laal maas, and ghevar among other dishes.

Where to find Homestay Accommodations in Jaisalmer?

Bera Road in Amar Sagar Pol is populated with homestays. Proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Jaisalmer Fort, Rani Ka Mahal, and Gadisar Lake make Bera Road an ideal place to rent a homestay in Jaisalmer.