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Book Holiday Homes/Accommodations in Mahabaleshwar

Among the numerous hill stations nestled in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar in the Satara district of Maharashtra has been rather popular among travellers. With points of attractions such as Lingamala Waterfalls, Mapro Gardens, Dhobi Waterfalls, Venna Lake, Kaas Pathar, and Pratapgarh Fort among others, Mahabaleshwar makes a great tourist destination for sightseeing. Wilson Point, the highest peak in hill resort, along with Connaught Point, Kate’s Point, Arthur’s Point, and Lodwick Point offers mesmerizing views of the valleys in the town. Spending a few days here is nothing short of exciting and memorable. The proximity of hill station to metropolitan cities such as Pune and Mumbai make it an attractive weekend gateway, particularly for city dwellers! Kumbharoshi, Mallapuram, Kalpetta, and Murray Peth are a few places where travellers can find accommodations for short as well as long duration stays in this beautiful hill resort.

Booking Vacation Rentals & Holiday Homes in Mahabaleshwar

Accommodations such as boutique stays, guest houses, bungalows, and farm houses are easily available across this weekend getaways. To make the best of your stay in this exotic hill station, here’s some information on alternative accommodations and where to find them.

Boutique Stays

Located close to pristine waterfalls, boutique stays offer bedrooms with surreal views of the Western Ghats or the waterfalls. You can find boutique stays near Lingamala Waterfalls, Glen Ogal Lake, Navali, and Murray Peth.

Bungalows, Farmhouses, and Villas

The hill station has a wide array of bungalows on offer for rent. Bungalows here are private residences, and can be rented for a day to as long as a week. Accommodations in Mahabaleshwar are available in locations such as Metgutad and Haroshi. Most can accommodate as many as 15 guests at a time, and are perfect holiday homes for large travel groups. Appointed with essential furnishings and other necessities, these residences ensure a comfortable stay for guests.

Metgutad and Haroshi are also replete with farmhouses and villas. These residences are equally luxurious and offer a pleasant stay. Most of these properties offer facilities such as swimming pools, parking, and car rental services, which make living here ultra-comfortable and memorable.

Guest Houses

Budget accommodations such as guest houses can be rented in Mamallapuram and Kalpetta. Being rather economical, these stays are suitable for college students on their weekend getaway to Mahabaleshwar. Most guest houses in the town also offer meals and travel assistance services. You can look for guest houses in proximity to popular tourist attractions in this hill station such as Lingmala Fall and Venna Lake.