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Book Holiday Homes/Accommodations in Patna

Situated on the southern banks of River Ganges, Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar and was formerly known as Pataliputra. Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world, it has produced numerous great scholars and astrologers such as Panini, Aryabhata, Chanakya, Kalidasa, and Vatsyayana. It is also the largest city of Bihar and the second largest city in Eastern India. Patna served as a major political and cultural centre during the Gupta and Maurya empires. Moreover, this metropolis also enjoys the distinction of housing the lowest slum population in India.

Booking Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes in Patna

Patna hosts a multitude of accommodation options for you to choose from such as guest houses, apartments, boutique stays, and bed & breakfasts.

Guest Houses

Guest house lodgings are economically priced and strategically located, ideal for those who are here for a business trip or want to enjoy a leisurely time in the city. There are numerous affordable and comfortable vacation rentals in areas such as Kidwaipuri, Pataliputra Colony, Sheikhpura, Sri Krishna Puri, New Pataliputra Colony, Raja Ji Salai, Lawsons Bay Colony, Bank of Baroda Building, Araku Valley, and Capitol tower. You can book a room in a guest house property in this capital city of Bihar for as low as INR 345 per night and as high as INR 2300 per night.


If you are visiting this second largest city of Eastern India on business or are planning to stay for a longer duration, you should opt for service apartment rentals that are fully equipped with kitchens and modern amenities like Wi-fi and cable TV for your convenience. These abodes are available for rent in areas such as Pataliputra Colony, S K Puri, Boring Road, Murlichack, Jagdeo Path, Lawsons Bay Colony, Doctors Colony, East Point Colony, Maharanipeta, and Kankarbagh. One can rent a holiday home in the city for an economical price of about INR 1610 to as high as approximately INR 11799 per night.

Boutique Stays

Boutique stay accommodations in Patna offer unparalleled comfort and a variety of personalised services such as car rental, housekeeping, pick up & drop, driver-on-request, and room service. You can find these vacation rentals in areas such as Raja Ji Salai, Old Jakkanpur, Exhibition Road, Murlichack, Jagdeo Path, Bander Bageecha, Fraser Road Area, Dak Bunglow Chowk, Nageshwar Colony, Kidwaipuri, Pataliputra Colony, New Pataliputra Colony, Boring Road, Kankarbagh, Daspalla Hills, T.P.T Colony, Kirlampudi Layout, Bailey Road, Anishabad, and Moti Bhawan. The rent of these properties begins at around INR 2466 per night and can go up to INR 24,541 per night.

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & breakfast lodgings are relatively more private and personal accommodations compared to other holiday homes. Moreover, they commonly serve scrumptious breakfast, which is complimentary. One can find B&B’s in areas such as Bheemunipatnam Visakha District, Kirlampudi Layout, Near CMR Central, Seethammadhara, and Kadamkuan. You can book a room at these holiday homes for prices beginning at around INR 2070 per night.