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Book Tent Accommodations in Jaipur

Once ruled by Mewar rulers, Jaipur has been an epitome of royalty. Adorned with forts and palaces, the city continues to exude imperial splendour. The vibrant marwari culture and traditions add quirk to it. Tents in Jaipur offer the same regal experience. As exquisite as palaces, as luxurious as forts, as comfortable as hotels, and as hospitable as mansions, tents make for an out-of-the-world stay experience. Available in places such as Achrol, Samode, Kukas, and Sumel, tents lodging make one of the most unique accommodations in Jaipur.

Benefits of Booking a Tent Accommodation in Jaipur

Here are a few things that make tents amazing abodes:

Replete with modern amenities

Don’t go by the looks of the humongous fluffy facades, these hold more than what meets the eye! Dolled up with comforts such as large flat-screen TVs, king-size beds, and other exclusive amenities such as Jacuzzis, gardens, and swimming pools, tent accommodations provide an immeasurably comfortable stay.

Apart from these, services such as car rentals, power backup, and parking facilities are also provided at these rentals in Jaipur.

Imperial hospitality

Rajputs have been known for their congeniality. With caretakers available at most tents, you will enjoy their truly heart-warming hospitality.

Authentic and elaborate Rajasthani meals

Food culture, particularly feasts, have been a popular Rajput tradition. While you are living in a tent rental, you can indulge in elaborate dinners or simply request your meal to be served in your tent.

Where to find Tents in Jaipur?

Living in a tent must be on every traveller’s wishlist. Tent lodgings are a great option to convert the wish into reality! To help you locate these quirky accommodations in Jaipur, here’s a list of places where you can find them:


Kukas is a small town about 10 kilometres from Amber Fort. The town has gradually gained prominence owing to the setting up of colleges and industrial establishments here. It has a gamut of tents, where guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in the peaceful environs of the town.

Beginning at a price of INR 6000 per night per guest, travellers can rent tents in Jaipur for INR 15000 and more.


Achrol is located about 18 kilometres from Kukas. This location is popular for a multitude of luxurious accommodations such as villas and tents among others. Achrol has an exquisite range of tents for an amazing vacation or a short weekend stay.


Located about 6 kilometres from Jaipur railway station, Samode Bagh is a well-known heritage property that has been turned into a luxury rental, and has some amazing tents for guests. With top-notch hospitality and high-end luxury, Samode offers one the best range of tent rentals.

Samuel is another locality situated about 18 kilometres towards the west of Jaipur (within city limits). You can find a multitude of tents here as well.