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Book Villas in Calangute

Calangute is home to one of the popular beaches of Goa, the Calangute Beach. About 6 kilometers in length, the beach is sprawled along the Arabian Sea towards the north of Panaji. With ample recreational activities, such as water sports, shopping, and popular eateries, the town offers fun-filled and dopamine-elevating experiences. This part of Goa also has a gamut of villa lodgings that accentuate this experience and make it more exciting by extending a comfortable stay. Here are a few things that make villas one of the best accommodations available in Calangute:

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Benefits of Booking a Villa in Calangute

Sprawling estate

Villa rentals stand imposingly amid ebullient Goa. Some of these holiday properties are palatial, with well-maintained gardens/lawns. A few of these vacation rentals have as many as four storeys.

Vivid facades

Villas are one of the quirkiest rentals in Goa and Calangute hosts some of them. These holiday abodes feature Portuguese architecture and a few can be seen flaunting facades in bright hues.

Living in a Portuguese property can be a once in a lifetime experience. So, if something unique is what you seek, renting a Portuguese villa in Calangute is one of the best options you can choose!

Multiple bedrooms

Goa has been a popular celebratory destination. People often flock to this place to enjoy birthdays, pre-wedding celebrations, and other similar affairs. Most villa lodgings in this Goan town offer multiple bedrooms, usually up to three, and can accommodate as many as five guests at a time. If you are looking for a commodious rental that comfortably accommodates your friends or family, villa rentals here would be a suitable option.

A few of these imposing holiday homes also offer private rooms to travellers to enjoy their stay in Goa. So if you are seeking a private luxurious rental in Goa, you can opt for these vacation rentals.

Plush interiors

Dolled up with plush furnishings and chic decor, villa settlements make for some of the fanciest accommodations in Calangute.

Elegant premises

Exquisite fountains, towering palm trees, potted flowers, and manicured lawns offered at a few vacation properties in this Goan town accentuate the beauty of these properties. While you are living here, you can spend some time ruminating over the good and bad experiences you have had while in a Goa or in life in general.

Swimming pool

A few vacation homes also feature swimming pools, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim or indulge in a conversation with your travel companions over a few drinks by the pool. You can choose from holiday rentals with private and shared pools. While private pools allow you the privilege of privacy, shared pools offer you opportunities for amiable gatherings where you can befriend other travellers.

How much does Renting a Villa in Calangute cost?

The rent of a villa lodging in Calangute ranges from approximately INR 1000 per night to INR 16000 per night, depending upon the level of comfort and facilities that you seek.