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Book Villas in Puducherry

Puducherry used to be a French colony till 1945 and is a Union Territory of India today. It is characterized by mustard-coloured houses in its French Quarter and long seaside promenades along the Bay of Bengal. The Union Territory houses several tourist attractions such as Statue of Dupleix and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that are reminiscent of its French legacy.

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Benefits of Booking Villas in Puducherry

Villa lodgings available across the coastal city, most of them reflecting French architecture and offering glimpse into the lovely French lifestyle, make for great holiday homes. Read further to know how staying in villa properties makes a trip to the town more rewarding:

Palatial rentals

The Union Territory has some of the poshest villa lodgings that offer amenities matching that of a palace. Sprawling lush gardens lined with palm trees surround these vacation rentals and lend an extremely plush look! Interiors featuring wood-panelled walls, ultra-luxurious furnishings such as wicker lamps and tables add to the elegant appeal of these holiday properties.

Exquisite sit-out areas

Placed under the shade of towering palms, an array of patio furniture makes a great space where guests can enjoy delightful breakfasts, brunches, lunches or just admire the colourful landscape that the city flaunts.

Swimming pools

Villa rentals in Puducherry feature some of the most exquisitely designed swimming pools. These pools offer a beach-like setting with lounge beds placed besides the pool, so guests can enjoy sunbathing or savour a drink or two while gossiping with a travel companion or fellow guests at these holiday homes.

Sumptuous meal

The coastal town has a multitude of holiday properties where guests can relish lavish meals, including Indian and international delicacies. Most vacation rentals here also offer kitchens, where you are allowed to cook as per your choice. If you are planning a long holiday in the Union Territory of India, this would be an added convenience in case you crave home-made food.


Many villa accommodations in Pondicherry feature well-appointed gymnasiums. If you are afraid of missing out on a day’s work out, these holiday homes with gymnasium would be the perfect stay option for you.

Superior hospitality

Apart from luxurious amenities, most lodgings also offer a gamut of services like room service that ensure a comfortable stay for the guests. Guests can also avail pick up and drop service, car rental service, and even request for a driver to make their travel in and around the coastal town convenient.

Cash on arrival

Numerous vacation rentals also allow you to make reservations by paying a small amount rather than making the full payment at once. The remaining amount can be paid at the time of check in.

The price of a villa accommodation in Puducherry starts at INR 2070 per night and goes up to INR 74750 for a night.