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Content Editor
You think you have the right vocabulary and impeccable grammar for all intents and purposes? Can you create content extraordinaire from words oh-so-ordinaire? If you like to play the Game of Puns and words are your weapons, come write with us!
Content Editor
Job Title/Description
GuestHouser is looking for a humble grammar Nazi, someone who holds a passion not only for great writing but also for impeccable language. He/she should not be condescending but strive to make people learn and become better writers and speakers. If you have your there, their, and they’re in place, and know effect from affect, we’d love to have you on board.
Key Responsibilities
  • Edit content created by a team of writers
  • Provide relevant feedback to enhance their writing
  • Maintain a repository of listings that can be used for different marketing campaigns
  • Create content (articles, collections, blog posts, etc.) when required
  • Assist in training other teams on written and spoken English
  • Ideate and suggest ways to minimize errors and speed up the content creation process
Skills & Qualifications
  • Proven work experience as a content editor or in a similar role
  • A degree/diploma in literature or journalism
  • A certificate course in English language from a reputed institute (British Council, Cambridge etc.) would be a plus
  • Impeccable grammar and excellent writing and editing skills
  • Familiarity with the editing features of MS Word
  • Relentless passion for the English language
Desired Experience: 2+ years
Expected Date of Joining: Immediate to 1 month
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