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Book Boutique Stays in Dehradun

Nestled in the picturesque ‘Doon Valley’, with the Ganges on its east and the Yamuna on its west, Dehradun is situated in the foothills of the lower Himalayas. It is a peaceful yet vivacious town that bustles with the energy of the young and old alike. It is also famous as an educational hub since numerous prestigious boarding schools are located in and around here. Dehradun is also located in close proximity to the holy cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar. Moreover, the city is well connected to the major states of India such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh

The fresh cool air and beautiful landscapes make Dehradun the perfect destination, be it for a quick weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of a metropolitan city, or taking your little one around town on an outing from boarding school. There is a range of boutique hotels in Dehradun for you to choose from, which promise a relaxed time with your family and friends. So, mark your calendars, pack your bags, and make that long pending road trip to the resplendent city of Dehradun.

Benefits of Booking Boutique Hotel Accommodations in Dehradun

Boutique stays offer unparalleled comfort and a variety of personalised services which are difficult to find in clichéd hotels. These homely accommodation properties are equipped with added amenities such as a kitchenette and cooking appliances, and have modern furnishings. Moreover, these accommodations have multi-cuisine restaurants and in-house bars for you to unwind and have a nice time. There is a range of boutique hotel stays catering to your varied needs, starting at INR 2,357 going up to INR 21,850 for larger groups.

Places to Find Boutique Hotel Stays in Dehradun

There are a number of boutique accommodations in Dehradun, a handful of which are located on Rajpur road, which is the main shopping area filled with a number of age-old eateries and the famous Ashley-Hall market, which is a favourite among students. Though there are a number of malls that have sprung up in and around the city, Rajpur road hasn’t lost its charm and significance for the people of Dehradun and those visiting the place frequently. Those looking for some peace and quiet, away from the city, can opt for vacation rental in Central Hope town. Parents making their way to the city for an outing with their children studying in boarding schools such as Welham Girls’ School, Welham Boys’ School, Doon Girls School, Pine Hall, and St. Joseph’s Academy to name a few, can opt for accommodation properties at Jakhan and Dalanwala.

Tourists visiting the city can opt to stay here in Ravindrapuri, which is around five kilometres from the ancient Tapkeshwar temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Shiva. Dehradun is home to the Forest Research Institute - a magnificent architectural wonder established in 1906, which houses a number of museums open to the public. Those visiting Dehradun for a tour of the Forest Research Institute can opt to stay at Boutique stays in Malsi Deer Park.

Famous Dehradun Attractions

Dehradun houses a number of tourist attractions to keep you busy. There is Rajaji National Park, where you can undertake jungle safaris and spot a number of rare species of birds and animals indigenous to the Himalayas. Another natural wonder, Robber’s cave, located eight kilometres from Dehradun city, is a popular tourist spot in Dehradun.