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Book Boutique Stays in Haridwar

Located in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, Haridwar is a spiritual city. A major pilgrimage site for Hindus, a hub for all things spiritual, and a centre for yoga and meditation, the sacred town attracts tourists from around the world. Synonymous with sadhus (ascetics) seeking moksha, numerous domestic and foreign tourists flock to this city in quest of moksha (salvation). Characterized by ancient temples, the city has the holy river Ganga flowing through it and is one of the venues of the Maha Kumbh festival. To cater to the variety of tourists who visit the city, Haridwar has a range of accommodations like boutique stays to suit different budgets and preferences. A plethora of holiday homes are available across the spiritual city of Uttarakhand. Har Ki Pauri, Niranjani Akhara, Shrawan Nath Nagar, Hanuman Nath Road, and Mayapur are some of the places where tourists can rent a boutique stay in Haridwar.

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Benefits of Booking Boutique Stays in Haridwar

Boutique stay lodgings are one of the most elegant accommodations available in this sacred town. Double beds, bedside cabinets with table lamps, and wardrobes are conveniently placed in most of the bedrooms in these vacation rentals that make living here extremely comfortable.

For hedonists, this holy city has a significant number of modishly decorated boutique stays that feature dazzlingly beautiful bedrooms equipped with elegant rugs, designer sofas/couches, and more. Some of the more exquisite holiday homes also feature glass-walled attached bathrooms equipped with western sanitary ware that ups the style quotient.

A few holiday accommodations in Haridwar feature open-terrace restaurants and offer amazing sights of the buzzing city and the river Ganges. A multitude of boutique stay properties are located in prominent residential areas and offer an opportunity to experience the local culture. Moreover, car rental and travel assistance services offered at some of the lodgings here make travelling to various places of attractions in and around the city extremely convenient.

One can book a boutique stay accommodation at a price beginning at about INR 2,400 for a night and go up to INR 12623 for a night.