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Book Boutique Stays in Dharamshala

In 1959, after China’s occupation of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama found shelter in Dharamshala. The town has everything for a memorable holiday, from temples, churches, and monasteries to cafes, museums, and scenic beauty. Dharamshala, after the influx of the Tibetan government and refugees, was divided into two parts—upper Dharamshala, which includes McLeod Ganj and Dharamkot, and lower Dharamshala, which includes many business centres, courts, and the famous Kotwali bazaar.

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Why booking Boutique Hotel Stays in Dharamshala is beneficial?

Dharamshala is full of life yet has a certain peaceful aura that engulfs the place at night. Planning a trip to Dharamshala, but bored of staying in the same hotel or inn? Try boutique stays in Dharamshala, which are a class apart from conventional hotels. They may be small in size but the personalized service they offer won’t let you down.  To cater to the accommodation demands of different types of travellers, Dharamshala has a range of boutique stays spread across the city.

You can easily find places to stay in popular areas such as, McLeod Ganj, Temple Road, Naddi, Bhagsu, Dharamkot, and Sidhpur among others. Rooms are available at affordable prices, starting from INR 2500.  The property owners pay attention to the needs of the travellers and customize rooms as per the guests’ requirements. The staff provides travel assistance to guests, making the travel experience even more convenient.

Something for Everyone at Dharamshala:

For Backpackers: McLeod Ganj is on every backpacker’s wish list. It’s almost like mini Tibet in India, so much so that it’s popular as ‘Little Lhasa’. The Headquarters of His Holiness the Dalai Lama are located uphill, at Gangchen in McLeod Ganj. Thousands of backpackers visit this place every year to witness the abundant natural beauty, trek in the Dhauladhar Mountains, and enjoy the café culture. Boutique stays here offer alluring views and hospitality, which you may have never experienced before.  

For Honeymooners: Dharamshala is a brilliant choice for honeymooners, with breath-taking views of the Dhauladhar range and an insight into Tibetan culture. Numerous lodging options are available in areas such as Dharamkot, Sidhpur, Bhagsu, and Jogiwara, all of which offer beautiful décor and ambience.

For the city-weary Travellers: Dharamkot has some of the best yoga and meditation centres in carrying you away from the cacophony of everyday life. You are always surrounded by monks, nuns, and volunteers chanting peacefully. Many properties are located near the Thekchen Choling Temple, adjacent to the Dalai Lama’s abode.

For the Budget Conscious: If you are looking for a budget holiday or a place to stay for a long duration, there is nothing better than booking a boutique stay. Whether you are travelling with friends, family, or in large groups such properties are easy on the pocket.

For Weekenders: Since Dharamshala is only a few hours’ drive from states like Punjab and Haryana, McLeod has become one of the favourite weekend getaways. Dharamshala boutique stays imbibe the local flavour of Tibetan and Himachali culture into their properties.  

These vacation rental properties will not let you down when it comes to the gastronomic culture. Most eateries serve authentic Tibetan cuisine such as Momos, Thupka, and Lang phing. Also don’t miss out on Italian and German bakeries that are famous in McLeod.

Dharamshala is like mini Tibet in India, with monasteries and maroon-robbed monks walking around the city, and little shops and cafes selling Tibetan souvenirs. However, the most amazing part about this little town is how it has embraced a unique culture and blended it into its identity. This is where borders no longer exist!