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Book Boutique Stays in Shimla

Shimla, the capital town of Himachal Pradesh, is widely known as the ‘Queen of Hills’! It is a wonderland for photographers, with its many picturesque spots. Even today, thousands of people seek the old-world romance of this destination. The timeless beauty of the Elizabethan architectural style and snow-capped mountains captivate and enthral you. The British used the capital town as their summer capital when it got too hot in the plains. The British architectural style is reminiscent of us of the colonial pre-independence era. To make your holiday comfortable and cosy in Shimla, boutique hotel stay is the finest choice. Shimla attracts a lot of tourists every year, whether it’s for a honeymoon, a camping or trekking trip, skiing in winters, or a visit to the ancient temples, people can look for a boutique hotel accommodation as per their convenience.

Boutique stays are a class apart from stereotypical hotels. They are totally independent in their working style and are detached from huge corporate bodies. With fewer rooms than conventional hotels, they ensure personalized service and attention. Before the idea came to the east and our country, it was first initiated in western countries like UK and USA.

Such holiday homes are a brilliant choice, as all the properties have something special about their locations, driving you away from the cacophony of cosmopolitan life style and breaking the monotony!

Benefits of Booking Boutique Hotels in Shimla

Boutique hotels are becoming immensely popular among business travellers and city tourists because of the services they offer. Unlike conventional hotels, they pay attention to customers’ every need. Nothing can beat these vacation rental properties when it comes to hospitality. Also all these are located at a place of tourist interest, offering alluring views and some link to history. Shimla has got to be the best escape from the weariness of everyday life. To have an insight into the local culture of Shimla and get a taste of its local flavour, one must opt for boutique stays, irrespective of whether it’s for business or personal travel.


Usually all these accommodations are located in the heart of the city, making it easier for travellers to get in touch with the local flavour in true pahadi tradition, cuisine and customs. Boutique rental properties are located in famous localities like Mall, Nalhdehra Golf Course Road, which is beautifully surrounded by tall deodars. Also, ample properties are available in colonies and localities such as Cart Road, Circular road, Tutikandi Shimla, Lakkar Bazar and Chotta Shimla. For a devotional tour you can look for properties closer to holy places like the Jakhu Temple.

Local Flavour

Boutique stays imbibe local flavour into their properties. Therefore, the décor of the rooms is done keeping in mind the local art of the capital. Bamboo is a prominent part of their furniture and paintings.  Also many of the boutique stays in Shimla have Himachali folk dancers performing for you on social occasions. Himachali dance and folklore is something you can’t afford to miss. Some of the famous Himachali dances are Nati, Lasa, Drodi and Dulshol. They are preformed wearing traditional Himachali dress and caps.  

Choosing boutique rentals also ensures that you don’t miss out on Himachali delicacies; almost all the kitchens in the property have Himachali food on the menu. When in town, make sure you try Auriya Kadoo which is made out of pumpkin. The winter delight of the city is Siddus, made out of flour to keep the body warm. Few other delicacies are channa madra and chicken anardana.


When it comes to hospitality boutique stays top the charts. Being relatively small, they pay attention to detail and customers’ needs. They pay more attention to your personal needs which often are not fulfilled by grand hotels. Their main goal is to provide you a home away from home!

Value for money

Staying at grand hotels can burn a big hole in your pocket, whereas boutique stays offer luxury within your budget. Therefore, you get better value for money with best services.

Where to find Boutique Hotel/Accommodations in Shimla?

The channel of boutique stays is spread throughout the city of Shimla and even on the outskirts for people looking for something outside the hustle-bustle of the city. There are beautiful properties available at the Mall Road in Shimla, which is the main street of the city and its star attraction. Decades ago it was linked to the fashion streets of London, Paris and Milan. If you are visiting the city for leisure make sure you stay in one of the boutique stays around Mall road as the place has the best restaurants, bars and shopping centres. The two important meeting points of this road are Scandal Point and The Ridge. Christ Church at the Ridge is the second oldest church in North India. The church looks magical at night with light illuminating it from all four corners.

For people looking for properties amidst cedar trees and some solitude, boutique stays near the countryside of Naldehra Golf Course will be a good choice.  Viceroy Curzon was so enchanted by the beauty of the place that the second name of his daughter is named after the spot. Shimla boutique stays around this area are well furnished with all the basic amenities.

For adventure lovers, boutique stays in Kufri, the winter sports capital, are a good option. There are a large number of trekking spots and hiking trails around the areas of Kufri. People who enjoy snowfall and skiing must visit this place. It is one of the oldest ski-slopes of the country. Also many beautiful properties are located in Mashobra which is home to apple orchards and pine and oak trees, making the place ideal for a walk. Reminds one of the poem;’ The Road Not Taken’, its strategic location is what makes it so popular among tourists. All the important tourist spots are located near Mashobra. It’s also a part of the Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary.

Travellers visiting the city during the festival of Dusshera to pay offerings at the ancient Jakhoo temple can book themselves a boutique stay around the area. Comfortable stays are promised here. The legend related to this temple is that Lord Hanuman rested on Jakhoo Hill while carrying the Sanjvani booti in the epic Ramayana. Boutique stays in Shimla are also located in Chota Shimla, which is a good place to get an insight into Himachali culture and take a look at the British influence on Indian architectural style.  Few other properties are also available in areas such as Cart Road, Circular Road and Lakkar Bazar.