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Book Bungalows in Lonavala

Lonavala is a popular hill station located in the Western Ghats in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This popular town has magnificent forts, pristine lakes, and resplendent valleys which attract numerous travellers to this place. Khandala is another beautiful location a few kilometres away from here. Lonavala has been a popular weekend gateway among Mumbaikars (residents of Mumbai) and Punekars (residents of Pune) because of its proximity to Mumbai and Pune, which are 82 and 65 kilometres away from here, respectively.

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In addition to the exotic locations in Lonavala such as the Karla Caves, the Bhaja Caves, the Bedsa Caves, Bushi dam, Tungarli dam, Valvan dam, and Rajmachi Point, the town’s balmy climate lures travellers here. Lonavala’s soothing atmosphere, scenic landscapes, and picturesque views of the Sahyadri hills make it the perfect haven for travellers. The bungalows here will make your visit even more relaxing and rejuvenating. Bungalows are available all around Lonavala. Some of the most prominent areas where travellers can find such holiday homes are Tungarli, Kamshet, Karla, Valvan, Rao Colony, Gold Valley, Kinara, Pawan Lake, and Malavali.  

Benefits of Booking a Bungalow in Lonavala

Besides the privacy and the pleasure of observing the local culture closely, the bungalows in Lonavala offer extravagant living and superior comfort. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose these vacation rentals over other accommodations.

Bungalows Cater to Large Groups

Bungalows are extremely spacious residences and have three or more bedrooms. Some of the bungalows can accommodate as many as 30 guests at a time. Additionally, the bedrooms are usually commodious and fully furnished.  

So, whether you are travelling with a group of friends or family or a large backpackers’ group, you can find a lodging to suit your needs.

Bungalows offer Picturesque Views of the Shayadri Hills

Lonavala offers stunning views of the Shayadris (popularly known as The Western Ghats). These vacation rental accommodations have rooms which offer mesmerizing views of the Shayadris. While you are living in your booked bungalow, you can look forward to being greeted by a splendid sunrise every morning!

Enjoy strolls in private gardens and refreshing swims at Bungalows

Private gardens and sprawling lawns are endearing features of most bungalows in Lonavala. These lawns are carefully maintained by the property owners to create a beautiful space around the property. Here you can enjoy delightful suppers and interact with other guests or enjoy leisurely morning walks.

Swimming pools are another attractive feature of these holiday rental properties and most of them offer shared swimming pools.

Bungalows offer Pick Up & Drop Service

This lovely hill station has a calm and quiet environment and a multitude of tourist spots. While you are living in a bungalow residence, you can avail the travel assistance service offered here to travel to different tourist spots in Lonavala.

Furthermore, guests can avail pick up & drop service at these bungalows. In case you are travelling to Lonavala from a distant place, the hosts can arrange to pick you up from or drop you at the nearest airport (Mumbai) or the nearest railway station (Lonavala Railway Station). With pick up & drop service available at lodgings, travelling to Lonavala becomes fun and convenient.

Where to find the Best Bungalows in Lonavala?

Here are the top locations where travellers can find bungalows in Lonavala.


Tungarli is one of the most prominent locations in Lonavala. Here, travellers can enjoy camping and trekking near the popular Tungarli lake and Tungarli dam.

Tungarli is about one kilometre away from Lonavala city centre. This place has some of the most exquisite bungalows. Gold Valley is a popular spot where you can find some of the most luxurious accommodations for booking. Roy Colony, close to the Lonavala Railway Station, is another place where travellers with a fondness for cultural explorations can find bungalows to experience the local culture here.


Bhaja Caves are the most popular attractions in Lonavala. The two caves are a short distance away from Malavali. Other tourist attractions in Lonavala such as Lohagad Fort, Pawna lake, and Visapur Fort are not more than ten kilometres from here. A few kilometres away from Malavali is Karla, where one can find a gamut of bungalows.  

Malavali and its nearby areas are dotted with exquisite bungalows. Staying here is best suited for travellers who are looking forward to exploring the various exotic locations here.

Devghar & Kamset

These two villages are located outside Lonavala. Devghar, about ten kilometres from Lonavala, and Kamset, which is about eighteen kilometres away, have a range of stunning bungalows for travellers to choose from.