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Book Homestays in Lonavala

Lonavala is located approximately 82 kilometres away from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. It’s a popular hill station and offers amazing views of the Western Ghats. Chiki, a sweet snack, is a famous delicacy of this region and is fondly savoured by locals and tourists alike. Apart from treating oneself to panoramic views of the resplendent Western Ghats here, one can also get acquainted with ancient India by visiting Karla and Bhaja Caves.

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Benefits of Booking a Homestays in Lonavala

If you are looking to explore this hill station and get to the depth of the local culture, homestay settlements would be one of the best accommodations to rent in Lonavala. Homely comfort, among other things, offered by these rentals makes them a popular choice among travellers. Here are a few things one might find delightful about these lodgings.

Homely vibe

These holiday homes are generally private residential properties that have been rented out to others. Being private properties, these vacation rentals feature bedrooms, living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens, and are furnished with essentials such as refrigerator, microwave, utensils to make you feel at home. Consider staying in a homestay property if you are looking for an accommodation with homely vibes.

Live with the locals

This picturesque hill station in Maharashtra also has a plethora of options of accommodations where you can share the living space with the hosts. These holiday abodes could be a suitable option for solo travellers looking to witness the local culture and behold the surrounding breath-taking beauty of the hill station.

Meals provided

A few vacation rentals also offer meals. You can opt for these lodgings if you don’t want to put yourself through the inconvenience of cooking or the trouble of looking for a good place to eat in.

Superior comfort

Lonavala has a range of homestay accommodations that differ in terms of both interiors and amenities. There are modestly furnished properties that feature exquisite décor, while there are minimally designed properties that are fully furnished with ample amenities. Some typical amenities are comfortable beds, couches, refrigerator, air conditioner, and cable TV. You can choose a holiday home as per your liking and convenience.


If you are someone who feels uncomfortable among unfamiliar faces, homestay rentals are ideal accommodations for you to comfortably spend your time in the town. These holiday properties offer you a peaceful ambience, free from the usual hullabaloo which is often the case at conventional accommodations like hotels.

Cash on arrival convenience

If you are still in the planning stage of your trip to Lonavala, you can keep a homestay lodging reserved for yourself. This avoids the hassle of finding accommodations at the last minute. Autumn, winter, and early summers are the best seasons to visit this amazing weekend getaway destination from Mumbai. You can reserve a vacation rental months in advance by paying a small amount, while the remaining amount can be paid on arrival.

Accommodate large groups

Most properties can accommodate as many as twelve guests at a time. If you are travelling with your jovial friends, renting a homestay accommodation would be a suitable option as all of your friends can stay together while having fun.

Where to find Homestays in Lonavala?

Tungarli, Malavali , and Valvan are a few places where one can rent a homely accommodation in this picturesque hill station of Maharashtra.

Tungarli and Valvan are beautiful places with a lake and a dam, respectively. These places serve as picnic spots for the locals. Book a holiday abode in these areas if you would like to stay in close proximity to nature.

Malavali, about 10 kilometres towards the west of Lonavala, is a village and has a range of homestay rentals. Along with popular tourist attractions like Lohagad Fort, this village also has thrilling treks like Lohagad Fort that you can take up for a memorable experience. You can rent a vacation rental in above places for as low as INR 1575 per night and go up to INR 5175 per night.