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Book Heritage Accommodations in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city which spells magnificence. When you envision the precinct, the images of colourful fabrics, vibrancy, and a rich cultural heritage come to mind. Painted blue, the walled city has an incredible history which you can experience first-hand if you visit the place! Heritage accommodations in Jodhpur provide visitors a chance to explore history like never before. If you have ever wanted to live like royalty, then this is your chance to feel pampered. These properties have a flexible price range from INR 1,000 to approximately INR 300,000. Some of the properties can accommodate as many as 30 guests. So based on your plans and schedule, you can choose a stay from a wide array of choices.

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Why to book Heritage Hotels/Accommodations when in Jodhpur?

Heritages in Jodhpur give you an opportunity to stay in 400-year-old forts, havelis, and palaces which remind one of exuberant movie sets. There is no better way to experience the essence of the place than to stay here. The traditional Rajputana architecture combined with modern amenities provides comfort and authenticity.

Enlisted below are the reasons why you should consider staying in heritage properties of Jodhpur city.

The Experience: The infrastructure of the heritage properties is preserved and maintained to ensure that the Rajputana legacy is not lost and forgotten. The grandeur of these accommodations offers an experience which is unlike any other. So delve into the world of art and history as you explore the beautiful city.

Latest Amenities: These properties are equipped to cater to all your requirements. They provide services like driver on request, Wi-Fi, cable TV, laundry services, gym, and spa facilities. Feel like a queen or king as you experience luxury like never before.

Pools: Most heritages provide their guests with shared pool facilities. You can enjoy a good swim, feel like royalty, and let your inner connoisseur appreciate the exquisite vicinity.

The Royal Feel: Heritages are protected sites with policies designed to retain the original structure and experience of the property. The kothis, havelis, and forts allow you to be a little part of the life which was led by the maharajas of yore. If you have ever fancied living in a royal household, then this is your chance to realise your dream.

Places to visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is an exquisite city to visit and it would be a sin if you miss out on the following experiences.

Mehrangarh Fort: The spectacular fort looms 400 feet above the ground and has earned the title of ‘Citadel of the Sun’ as a tribute to its scenic beauty. The Mehrangarh Fort has stood tall since 1460, offering a mesmerizing experience to its beholders. If you decide to explore this mammoth monument, then the areas near the Clock Tower, Arvind Nagar, Ratnada, Umed Bhawan Palace Road, opposite Aastha Hospital, Paota, and Mandore Road are the best places to book your vacation rental home in Jodhpur.

Balsamand Lake: If you are traveling with your family and are looking forward to a nice little picnic, then Balsamand Lake is the place to go. The red-stone Bal Samand Lake Palace overlooks the lake and creates a relaxing environment for its visitors. Jodhpur Heritages located near Ramdeo ji ka chowk, Umed Club Road, and Gosala will give you the ease of a short drive to the celebrated lake.

Clock Tower: The Clock Tower, commonly known as Ghanta Ghar, serves as a famous landmark. The surrounding local market establishments provide a holistic Jodhpuri experience. So if you are looking for ease of accessibility to a market place then you can opt for the heritages in Jodhpur situated near Clock Tower, Palace Road, Ratanada, and Makrana Mohalla.

Street Markets: Jodhpur is famous for its vibrant tie and dye fabrics, dresses, accessories, and traditional wares. Markets like Nai Sarak let you take a piece of Jodhpur with you when you leave. You can book heritages near Chopasani, as well as Rajmata School and Lalji Handicrafts in Raikabag.