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Book Heritage Accommodations in Udaipur

Founded by Maharana Udai Singh in 1553, Udaipur lies on the southern slope of the Aravalli Range in Rajasthan, and is close to Gujarat. Udaipur, also known as the ‘Venice of the East’ is a popular tourist destination accentuated by lakes, palaces, havelis, and temples.

The ‘city of lakes’ is a cross between traditional and modern. Other than being traditional, Udaipur is also a city with bustling malls, such as Celebration Mall, Lakecity Mall, etc. With majestic architecture, picturesque gardens, cobbled streets, and traditional bazaars, Udaipur exudes the charm of the bygone era. The city witnesses a number of traditional festivals like Gangaur Festival, Shilpgram Utsav, etc. However, with recent induction of festivals like the World Music Festival, Udaipur has surpassed the status of just being a conventional, cultural land.

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There’s so much to explore in Udaipur. The more you stay here, the more you’ll get to understand and experience this absolutely enchanting land. When you are planning a visit to this rather interesting destination, there’s no better way to do it than by staying in heritage properties in Udaipur.

Why should you book a Heritage Property/Hotel in Udaipur?

Udaipur Heritages are an amalgamation of classic and contemporary , which is clear reflection of Udaipur city itself. Imagine staying in a property that captures the essence of the city! These properties represent numerous facets of Rajasthani architecture. While in Udaipur, you’ll probably find yourself staying in one of the following types of heritages.

Has Interiors that reflect Rajasthani Art

The interiors of the heritage properties in Udaipur emphasise Rajasthani sensibilities. The insides of a regal-looking property usually have well-known miniature paintings of Udaipur, mirror-work, Rajasthani objet d’ art, and regal-looking furniture. The heritage rooms are mostly opulent but may also be gracefully minimalistic. Moreover, the choice of upholstery used in heritages depict a celebration of Rajasthani culture and handiwork. For instance, many heritages in Udaipur have upholstery in block printing and patchwork. Some heritage rental accommodations radiate rustic charm and transporting you to the days of the Mewar raj.

Are Rife with Amenities

These heritage accommodations provide numerous amenities and settings that make your stay rather comfortable. These properties have impressive courtyards with expansive well-manicured lawns, potted plants, and cane or wooden patio furniture, shared pools, elaborate dining areas, etc., along with other basic facilities such as caretaker, chef, and wifi, etc.

Where will you find Heritage Vacation Rental Properties in Udaipur for Booking?

These heritage properties are located at many different areas in Udaipur:

Lake Palace Road

The Lake Palace Road in Udaipur is the famous traditional shopping area of Udaipur, situated very close to Lake Palace or Jag Niwas, as it was formerly called. This is one of the best marketplaces in Rajasthan for indigenous products. Lake Palace Road houses shops that sell handicrafts, fabrics, and wooden artefacts. Heritages in Lake Palace Road are nestled in the most central area of Udaipur. The heritage rooms in Lake Palace Road are spacious and contemporary. They do have a touch of Rajasthani culture but they exude more modern sensibilities.

The price range of rooms in heritage accommodations in Lake Palace Road begins from Rs. 1300 (approx.)

Jagdish Temple and Jagdish Chowk

Jagdish Temple is one of the most prominent and largest temples of Udaipur. The temple has an idol of Lord Jagannath. The Jagdish Temple street area is well-known for cloth lanterns, handmade postcards, and leather diaries and journals. The heritage properties close to Jagdish Temple radiate elegance and warmth, offer picturesque views, and have impressive wooden accents. Jagdish Chowk, an area punctuated by eateries and local shops, is situated in close proximity. The heritage properties in Jagdish Chowk are decorated with miniature paintings and have a whiff of modernity. Some of the restaurants in Jagdish Chowk include Cafera-Bollywood Café & Restaurant, and Govinda’s Cafetaria. The area also has many kachori shops, which are traditional savoury delicacies, and Rajasthani kachori is the most famous among these.

The price range of rooms in heritage accommodations near Jagdish Temple begins from Rs. 2226 (approx.) and in Jagdish Chowk begins from Rs. 2500.


Chandpole is one of the most interesting areas of Udaipur, and staying here can be extremely worthwhile. The area is famous for spices and is also the best area in case you want to buy authentic spices of Rajasthan. So be it turmeric, cardamom or nutmeg―Chandpole has the finest quality. Other than housing souvenir and fabric shops, Chandpole is also an artistic hub of the city, with lots of marble work. A few important temples are also located close to Chandpole, including Ramchandra Ji Temple and Shanidev Temple. Heritages in Chandpole are resplendent, offer stunning views, and living in one of these is truly a journey that gives you a peek into the rich Rajasthani culture.

The price range of rooms in heritage accommodations in Chandpole begins from Rs. 1200 (approx.)