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Book Heritage Accommodations in Shimla

Shimla is also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, and rightly so! The quaint hill station has an old-world charm that keeps the town rooted in the past. The erstwhile summer capital of British India, the hill resort looks beautiful in summers as well as during winters. Each season has something beautiful to offer to travellers who seek abode in Shimla. While summers provide a respite from the scorching plains, winters bring pristine snowfall which can only be described as magical. The smell of sweet apples, pine trees, and oak rejuvenates the senses, bringing peace and tranquillity. The architecture of most of the structures in the town still retains its colonial elements and lets you experience a bit of the old glory! On your next visit to the hill station, book heritages in Shimla for an out of the world experience.

Reasons to Book Heritage Accommodations in Shimla

Colonial heritage

Heritage properties provide a glimpse into its colonial past through the remnants of the bygone era. Some of the heritage properties date back to more than hundred years and boast Victorian architecture from the décor to the wood-panelled flooring, everything indicates antique heritage. The flagstone exteriors covered in grapevines are inviting and make you feel like you have been transported to a different age.


These holiday homes in the town are well equipped with all modern amenities to ensure that you have a pleasant experience without any discomfort. You can avail services and amenities provided at these rentals that include chef on request, driver on request, doctor on call, caretaker, laundry, Wi-fi, and cable TV.

Splendid gardens

Gardens in these heritage properties are exquisite and add value to the overall experience by blending perfectly with the lush green environs of the beautiful hill station. Ample seating arrangement allows you to relax and enjoy the mesmerising views of the valley. You can have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the sun go down as the sanguine sky beckons the night.

Luxurious stay

These vacation rentals offer a luxurious stay and let you partake of the lifestyle of the bygone era. These lodgings feature antique furniture and an old-world charm that is displayed through the elegant candelabrums and chandeliers. Shimla is famous for its colonial elegance and what better way to experience it than by renting a heritage in Shimla.

Travel group

If you are travelling in a large group, you can book an entire heritage property and avoid the hassle of trying to accommodate the whole group in one stay. Your friends and family can lodge in a single rental and can avoid sharing the space with total strangers. Some of these heritage lodgings can accommodate as many as ten people.

Where to find Heritage Accommodations in Shimla?

The hill resort has some amazing heritages accommodations on offer, which you can rent in order to experience the hill station in a completely unique manner. Book one in Longwood, Chotta Shimla, or Shimla Old Railway. The price range of booking these rentals begins at about INR 5,000 and goes up to approximately INR 87,000.