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Book Bed & Breakfasts in Haridwar

Situated on the banks of River Ganga, Haridwar is one of the most ancient and sacred cities located in Uttarakhand. The name ‘Haridwar’ is a combination of two words, ‘Hari’ and ‘Dwar’, and translates to ‘Gateway to God’. It is one of the major holy cities for Hindus and attracts hundreds of devotees from all over the country to take a dip into the holy river Ganges. One can get a close insight into Hindu rituals, customs, and culture by visiting this city. The famous pilgrimage has numerous religious and tourist attractions with deep historical importance and is also one of the venues where the famous ‘Kumbh Mela’ is held. To cater to the needs of different kind of travellers and devotees, the sacred city has a variety of accommodations like bed & breakfasts that you can choose from.

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Benefits of Booking B&B Accommodations in Haridwar

Bed & Breakfast rentals are located in prime locations of the city and are suitable for solo travellers, families, photographers, and journalists, as the popular places of attractions like Har Ki Pauri and River Ganga are in close proximity. These budget friendly holiday homes are well furnished and flaunt vibrant interiors. They offer all necessary modern amenities, such as free Wi-fi, cable TV, air conditioner, etc. The hosts at these lodgings strive to cater to the needs of their guests and help you with information on how to get around and what to see in the city. Bed & Breakfasts in Haridwar also ensure that you don’t miss out on traditional delicacies. Almost all the kitchens in these properties serve sattvik food that comprises all things vegetarian and healthy.

Where to find B&B Accommodations in Haridwar?

You can book a bed & breakfast lodgings in Haridwar at prices beginning at around INR 800 and going up to approximately INR 2300 per night. These vacation rentals are located in areas such as Har ki Pauri and Shivalik Nagar.