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Book Guest Houses in Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for the Hindu community. Besides being a sacred place for Hindus, this highly revered city also attracts international tourists to the various ashrams and popular temples here. These ashrams provide lessons in yoga and meditation. The temples and countless Hindu rituals observed in Haridwar satiate tourists’ curiosity about the Hindu religion. Although Haridwar is thronged by devotees all year round, Kumbh Mela is a special , auspicious occasion when Haridwar witnesses a huge surge in the number of both tourists and devotees.

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Benefits of Booking Guest Houses in Haridwar

Among numerous accommodation options for tourists and pilgrims available in Haridwar, guest houses are the best choice. Here are a few reasons that make these a perfect place for pilgrims and travellers to stay in Haridwar.

Proximity to Har Ki Pauri

Har Ki Pauri is a major tourist attraction in Haridwar. This place has a huge religious significance for Hindus. Har Ki Pauri is essentially a ghat (a set of steps leading down to a river), where pilgrims take dips in the holy water of river Ganges. Ganga aarti performed in the evening here is an absolute delight to watch!

Some of the best holiday accommodations are located in Har Ki Pauri. Other places of worship in Haridwar such as Vishnu Ghat, Gau Ghat, Ram Ghat (popularly known as Moti Bazar), Mansa Devi Temple, and Chandi Devi Temple are less than 5 kilometers away from Har Ki Pauri. This is another advantage travellers and pilgrims have while staying near Har Ki Pauri.

Explore Garhwali Culture

Among the plethora of boarding options available in Haridwar, a large number of them can be found in residential areas. The guest houses are usually spare rooms in a large property, offered to travellers by property owners at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to get a glimpse of the life of the locals in Haridwar (or Garhwali folks at large), living in one of these guest houses is a good option. While you are here, you can look forward to savouring a few Garhwali recipes such as Phanu, Baddi, Thechwani, Chainsoo, Jholi, and Kafuli, as most of these rental properties have chefs. Whenever you crave something to eat, you can request the hosts at the guest house to have something made for you.  

Travellers can rent these guest houses for prices as low as Rs. 345/day for a day to as long as a month.

Travel Assistance and Car Rental Service for Guests

For most travellers, Haridwar is a starting point of their jaunt around Uttarakhand. Often, other places like Dehradun and Mussoorie are a part of their itinerary. Also, for pilgrims who are on the char dham yatra (pilgrimage to the four abodes), Haridwar is a break point. So whether you are a traveller or a pilgrim in Haridwar, you can avail car rental services offered at the guest houses to reach places such as Dehradun, Mussoorie, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, among others.

In case, you plan to travel to these places or anywhere else by train, some of the hosts also assist you with ticket reservations and provide other travel assistance services.  

Pick Up & Drop-off Service for Guests

Haridwar is well connected to major cities in India by road, train, and air. Depending on how you are travelling to Haridwar, you can arrange for pick up or drop off at the Haridwar railway station, bus stand, or the Jolly Grant airport (in Dehradun). Since pick up & drop off service is offered at most of the rental residential properties, this makes travelling to Haridwar less tiresome.

Other Amenities

A few amenities which are common in most these guest house properties are cable TV, Wi-fi, AC, laundry, and parking facility.